Providing advice for contractors, freelancers and interims is a specialist area. We’ve been there since the early 1990’s. Often a client’s first question is about tax and that’s high on our list – it comes just after the practicalities like how you’ll live between assignments, what the implications are for your mortgage and generally whether it’s the right step for you. We’ve lived with the joys of IR35 since it first arrived. Today, we are experts in advising contractors, interims and other professional freelancers on tax and practical implications.

What Is IR35?

IR35 affects all contractors who do not meet the HMRC’s definition of ‘self employment’. They may have massive implications for contractors and freelancers, as the result in increased tax and NI that can prevent the contractor from earning what they expect and growing their business.

What’s The Answer? A Good IR35 Accountant & Business Advisor!

We have extensive knowledge of the legislation, regulations and HMRC’s approach. As your trusted partner, we provide you with accurate information and advice to help you optimise your profits.

We’ll also help with practical advice on how to plan for the unexpected as that is so often the norm for contractors and freelancers. From contract reviews and helping you choose the right trading vehicle, through to hand-holding through HMRC IR35 challenges, our team of specialists will help to simplify the administrative burden and steer you in the right direction. Whether you are a seasoned IT contractor or embarking on this area of work, contact us for any IR35 related queries – we can help.

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